Traditional fabrics

In our shop you will find an extraordinary collection of original chintz designs and traditional dutch fabrics. These fabrics were used in earlier times to create the clothing and interior decors of Hindeloopen.
Chintz is a hand woven cotton material that is hand-painted or wood block printed in diverse flower and leaf motifs. It is a supple fabric with clear colors. Chintz was extraordinarily popular in the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th centuries. The fabric was used to make clothing (jackets, skirts, and dresses) and in interior decorations (chair and wall coverings, curtains and bed spreads). Chintz was produced in India, especially on the east coast (the Coromandel coast), and in Ceylon. The United East India Company (VOC) imported the chintz to Europe.
Chintz in Hindeloopen
In the 18th century the fashion for women and children in Hindeloopen developed into a distinctive costume. Many items of this costume were made of the fashionable chintz fabric. The chintz wentke, a long overdress, which was open in the front, is certainly the most well known example of the Hindeloopen costume.